Charlton has a 3000 sq. ft. facility with the following capabilities:

  • Automated Assembly supporting projects from prototype to low, medium or high volume production.
  • Our tooling capabilities apply AMP, 3M Molex or Panduit insulation displacement connectors for either ribbon cables or discrete wire.
  • Automatic cut, strip & terminating up to 200,000 leads/week
  • Heat Stamping
  • Precision wire cutting and stripping
  • Long or Short runs (10-1,000,000 pieces)
  • Computerized Electrical Testing for Continuity
  • 30 AWG-10AWG
  • Zero Defect
  • JIT Delivery

Equipment List:

  • AMP CLS IIIG - For high speed cutting, stripping and terminating either one or both wire ends.
  • ARTOS CS6 - For cutting short wire leads with tight tolerances, PVC and shrink tubing.
  • ARTOS CS26A - For high speed cutting and stripping and of wire leads from 14 through 30 gauge wire with lengths from two inches to fifty feet.
  • AMP K Press - Four AMP K presses with the capability of terminating any AMP terminal from pre-insulated to small gauge taper pins.
  • AMP TAPERTRONIC PRESS - For application of pre-insulated terminals.
  • MOLEX TM-40 PRESS - With appropriate tooling this press can apply any type of strip form Molex terminal.
  • Many Applicators for installation on AMP-K Presses used for applying AMP & Molex Terminals.

AMP Terminal

Fully Insulated faston AMP PIDG Ring Terminal

Molex Connector

AMP MATE 'n Lock

Molex Mini Fit Connector

Molex Connector

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